"EXTREME KIT" LG-QUAD TENS Units Supplies 4 in 1 and "PRO SERIES" Ultrasound Therapy Kit

"EXTREME KIT" LG-QUAD TENS Units Supplies 4 in 1 and "PRO SERIES" Ultrasound Therapy Kit

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"EXTREME KIT" LG-QUAD TENS Units Supplies 4 in 1 and "PRO SERIES" Ultrasound Therapy Kit

The LG-EXTREME KIT consists of "LG-QUAD" Combo 4 in 1 TENS Unit, Muscle Stimulator, Microcurrent, and Interferential Unit and "PRO SERIES" Ultrasound Unit.


Relieve Pain, Rehabilitate, and Heal with the LG-EXTREME KIT System. This LG-EXTREMEKIT combines the Clinical Version of “PRO SERIES” Ultrasound Therapy and the LG-QUAD 4 in 1 Combo Unit in one Complete Kit.

Now you can get almost every available electrotherapy device in one compact, portable unit. The 5 different electrotherapy therapy treatments will provide you a FULL range of STIMULATORS that are available for physical rehabilitation and recovery.

This complete physical therapy system includes:

  • LG-QUAD TENS / Muscle Stimulator/ Interferential/ Microcurrent 4 in 1 UNIT with AC Adapter
  • LG "PRO SERIES" Ultrasound Unit
  • Everything Needed for Immediate Use Including Electrodes and Ultrasound Gel
  • Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guide


Get the SAME Professional Ultrasound Physical Therapy in the privacy of your home!

The LG Professional Ultrasound has 3 TIMES STRONGER FREQUENCY SOUND WAVES than many other portable ultrasounds on the market. It is made with the highest quality components and is FDA approved for safe use. Simply choose from the 3 settings - low, medium, or high - put on the ultrasound gel and rub around in circular motions. Our ultrasound is excellent for speeding the healing and recovery process by repairing scar tissue, reducing inflammation, improving flexibility and increasing circulation just to name a few. You will feel the results very quickly. You can save money and receive more treatment by having this device. More importantly, you can achieve your goals faster with REGULAR use.

Commonly used for:

  • Injuries (pre and post operative)
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Sciatica
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Tissue Swelling
  • Inflammation of Muscle and Joints
  • Arthritis
  • Scarring
  • Many Additional Types of Acute and Chronic Pain

The goal of Ultrasound is DEEP PENETRATION into the tissue. You will feel very, very slight heat on the surface of your skin. With consistent use, you will notice a a significant improvement in the body area. Ultrasound Therapy will increase blood flow, reduced swelling and inflammation, improve flexibility, and breaking up of scar tissue. Use the ultrasound once a day for a 15 minute intervals on each treatment area. Utilize the Ultrasound and to recover quickly and get back to your daily routines.

The LG "PRO SERIES" Therapeutic Ultrasound device generates pulsed high frequency sound waves (1MHz) that are transferred to specific areas with a sound-headed probe. The Pulsed Sound Waves travel deep into the tissue generating vasodilation, which helps increase the blood flow to the treated area. Most patients will feel nothing at all DURING treatment, while some may feel a very slight warmth.

  • Operates in continuous mode (100% Duty Cycle)
  • Head warming feature pre-heats up to 95°F the sound head applicator for increased patient comfort
  • Watertight for use in underwater therapy for 30 mins at a depth of 1 meter (Ultrasound head only - IPX7)
  • Three output intensities selections
  • Three treatment times (5 min, 10 min or 15 min)
  • Small, ergonomic design that is easy to hold and portable
  • Comes complete with device, ultrasound gel, AC/DC adaptor hard carrying case, quick start guide and instruction manual.


  • Frequency 1 MHz
  • Wave Form Pulsed, Continuous
  • Temporal Maximum Output 6.4W (duty factor 100)
  • Head Warming Preheat Time of 3 Minutes
  • Pulse Repetition Rate 100Hz
  • Duty Factor (L,M,H) 5%, 50%, 100%
  • Effective Radiating Area 4.0cm2
  • Beam Uniformity Ratio (BNR) 5.0max
  • Treatment Time - 5 min, 10 min, 15 min

About the LG-QUADCOMBO TENS, Muscle Stim, Microcurrent, and IF Unit:

ALL FOUR TREATMENT MODALITIES in ONE DEVICE! The LG-QUADCOMBO includes a TENS Unit, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit, and Microcurrent Unit in one unit. The LG-QUAD COMBO 4 in 1 Unit provides you with almost every available electrotherapy modality to treat and heal many conditions. THE LG-QUADCOMBO comes with batteries, AC Adapter, and Belt Clip for home use and travel. It also comes with a 3 Year Unmatched Warranty.

LG-QUADCOMBO - 4 Therapies in 1 Device includes the following 4 modalities:

TENS Unit used for:

  • Chronic & acute pains
  • Back & cervical muscular and disc syndromes
  • RSD
  • Arthritis
  • Shoulder syndromes
  • Neuropathies

Electronic Muscle Stimulator used for:

  • Post-orthopedic surgery
  • Joint replacement (i.e. hip, knee, shoulder)
  • Muscle strengthening programs
  • Shoulder subluxation
  • Reduction of muscle spasms

Interferential Unit used for:

  • Pre- and post-orthopedic surgery
  • Joint injury syndrome
  • Cumulative trauma disorders
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Pain control of various origins

Microcurrent Unit Treats:

  • Chronic & acute pains
  • Swelling
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Post-op care
  • Sports injury
  • Wound healing
  • Arthritis

ORDER THE LG-QUADCOMBO 4 in 1 Device and save time and money by bringing the office to your home. Rehabilitate with 4 Treatment Modalities in ONE PORTABLE UNIT! Our LG-QUADCOMBO is INSTOCK and AVAILABLE FOR FREE SHIPPING. Comes with a 3 Year Warranty and everything needed for immediate use.

More Info on the full range of treatments.

1. TENS Units disrupt the pain cycle by delivering a different, non-painful sensation to the skin around the pain site. In essence, it modulates the way we process the pain sensations from that area. TENS closes the pain gate, so to speak. Depending on the frequency the TENS unit delivers, the electrical stimulation can also trigger the body to release endorphins. Endorphins act as natural painkillers, and help promote a feeling of well-being.

2. Electronic Muscle Stimulators have been thoroughly proven to help with physical therapy where nerve and muscle damage has occurred. Many therapists highly recommend the use of these units when their patients routinely complain of sore muscles during and after exercise workouts, or have some form of nerve damage that prevents them from getting the most out of life. Muscle stimulators also help with toning as well as the after-pain associated with strenuous weight training exercises. In this way the electronic muscle stimulators can help the body building enthusiast to better control the level of pain that is felt after a workout. Some people with problem areas such as sore shoulder muscles can use the stimulators to help alleviate the pain before the next session of exercising.

Micro-current Therapy produces minute electrical signals like those naturally occurring when the body is repairing damaged tissues. By applying similar electrical currents, the healing process is enhanced. Microcurrent Therapy is often recommended in cases involving soft tissue inflammation or muscle spasm. Since Microcurrent Therapy mimics the body's electrical fields it is helpful in relieving pain and stimulating the healing of soft tissues.

4. Interferential Current Therapy is essentially a deeper form of TENS. In essence, IFC modulates a high frequency (4000 Hz) carrier waveform with the same signal produced by a TENS unit. The high frequency carrier waveform penetrates the skin more deeply than a regular TENS unit, with less user discomfort for a given level of stimulation. Deep in the tissues, the carrier waveform is cancelled out, resulting in a TENS-like signal deep under the skin. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the IFC units may be useful for patients who have not had relief from TENS. Interferential stimulation is concentrated at the point of intersection between the electrodes. This concentration occurs deep in the tissues as well as at the surface of the skin. Conventional TENS and Neuromuscular stimulators deliver most of the stimulation directly under the electrodes. Thus, with Interferential Stimulators, current perfuses to greater depths and over a larger volume of tissue than other forms of electrical therapy. As you can see, there are unique benefits to each type of therapies. All of the therapies on the LG-QUADCOMBO are helpful in treating a large variety of conditions. The goal is to find the best therapy or therapies so you can achieve your personal goals to enhance the overall quality of life.

The LG-QUADCOMBO Unit is a safe and approved medical device. The LG-QUAD includes:

  • LG-QUADCOMBO TENS / Muscle Stimulator / Interferential / Microcurrent Unit in ONE
  • Hard Protective Carrying Case
  • 4 Reusable Electrode Pads
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • AC Adapter Included
  • 45 Inch Lead Wires
  • Safety Covers to Protect Settings
  • Portable Belt Clip
  • Timer Built in
  • Easy to Use Instruction Manual & Quick Start Guide
  • 3 Year Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Clinical Power and Intensity
  • Optional Items: Conductive Electrode Prep Spray (prolongs electrode life), Recharger and Rechargable Battery, Extra Electrode Pads, Lead Wires

LG-QUADCOMBO TENS, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential, and Microcurrent Specifications:

TENS Unit:
Wave Form Monophasic Square
Pulse Rate Adjustable, from 1-150Hz
Pulse Width(H) 5-300us
Output Voltage(V) Constant Current
Output Current Adjustable, 0-100 mA
Modes 4 Modes of TENS
Timer Adjustable, 1 to 60 minutes or constant. Adjustable in 1 minute each step from 1 to 60 minutes.
Battery 9 Volt Included
AC Adapter Included
Universal Lead Wires 45 Inches Each (Included)
9 Volt Battery Included
Carrying Case Included
Color Instruction Manual Included
Electrodes (1) Foil bag 1.5" x 1.5" Electrodes (4/bag)

Muscle Stimulator:
Wave Form Biphasic/monophase square wave pulse
Pulse Rate Adjustable, from 1-150Hz
Pulse Width(H) 5-300us
Output Voltage(V) Constant Current
Output Current Adjustable, 0-100 mA
Modes 3 Modes of EMS
Timer Adjustable, 1 to 60 minutes or constant. Adjustable in 1 minute each step from 1 to 60 minutes.

Interferential Unit:
Wave Form Biphasic square
Pulse Rate 4kHz
Pulse Width(H) 125us; phase dur: 250uS
Output Voltage(V) Constant Current
Output Current Adjustable, 0-70 mA
Modes 4 Modes of Interferential
Timer Adjustable, 1 to 60 minutes or constant. Adjustable in 1 minute each step from 1 to 60 minutes. Interf Freq: 1-150 beats

Microcurrent Unit:
Wave Form Monophasic square

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