Qi Point Hydrogel Heating Pad with AC Adapter

Qi Point Hydrogel Heating Pad with AC Adapter

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Qi Point Hydrogel Heating Pad with AC Adapter

Alternative heating series is ideal for reduction of muscle spasms, muscle tension and joint stiffness. Thermal therapy penetrates to deeper muscle tissues delivering nutrients and oxygen to cells, aiding the removal of cell waste and promoting healing with versatile function to be easily applied to any body part to increase flexibility and range of motion.

Muscle tension can be caused by stress in life or tightness in muscle. When there is too much stress it can be harmful to your body. We can provide you comprehensive pain management and treatment to assist you dealing with your physical anxiety. If you suffer from muscle tension or spasms, you have to treat them right away.

  • 90% Far Infrared Emission
  • Operated by Safe Direct Current Voltage but nocurrent pass throught your body
  • Light, Flexible and Portable
  • Pain Relief Like Acupuncture but without needle.
  • Biocompatible Gule
  • Three Temperature Settings30 minute auto shut off safety device

Thermal moxibustion is the Asian traditional natural treatment. The Qi-Point Heating Pad can carry far-infrared heat deep 2.5 cm under the skin, and can stimulate acupuncture points through the deep far-infrared heat. Qi-Point stimulates the removal of waste and toxins that cause pain by accelerating metabolism through heating. Qi-Point Heating Pad is attached to a biocompatible gel, convenient to be applied to any part of the body as an adhesive. As it is reusable, it will not pollute the environment!

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