Professional Lower Back Brace System

Professional Lower Back Brace System

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Professional Lower Back Brace System

Back Pain - Many people experience back pain in their lives. Back Pain can hamper your activities and overall interaction, not to mention the pain and stress that is causing you.

The ProBack is a revolutionary breakthrough in back pain relief that can change the way you experience each day. Imagine a drug free – effective – solution for your back pain.

The ProBack uses simple yet very effective design architecture, which combines Counter-Force pressure together with a Bio Dome that fits in the small of the back. Together these features reduce the strain on the muscles and other pain sensitive structures in the lower back to help relax muscles and relieve pain so you can safely resume many of your daily activities, free from your back pain.

ProBack's Counter-Force design is a crucial component in reducing the strain on the pain sensitive structures in the lower back to help alleviate pain. It provides support while relaxing low back muscles.

ProBack's Bio Dome fits in the small of your back and helps to improve posture and promote proper body mechanics for improved mobility and a healthier, pain free, back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When do I wear the ProBack?

A. That depends on your problem. You should wear the ProBack when you are having back pain, because it will reduce your back pain. You can also wear it when you will be doing something that may cause back pain, to help prevent back pain. If you frequently wake up with a sore or aching back, you may even want to wear it while you sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to go each morning. However, your doctor may advise you when to wear the ProBack and for how long.

Q. What size does the ProBack come in?

A. The panels do not come in different sizes. The straps come in two different sizes. One size fits up to a 50 inch waist size and the other size fits up to a 78 inch waist size.

Q. Can I wear the ProBack to bed?

A.Yes, you can wear it while sleeping and it will help you wake up refreshed and without back pain or stiffness.

Q. How many hours per day should I wear the ProBack?

A. There is no set number of hours. We suggest that you wear the ProBack if you are in back pain and it should reduce your pain. We also recommend that you wear it if you are going to do something you know will cause back pain and it should help prevent your back pain.

Q. How do I wear the ProBack?

A. The ProBack should be worn as tight as possible but not uncomfortable. The back panel (the panel with the dome), should be centered with the dome in the small of your back and the front panel centered on your stomach. The straps should be as tight as you can make them while still being comfortable. The tighter you make the straps the more benefit you will get. You may want to adjust the ProBack up and down to find the right place to wear it for you.

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